We are a team of weird people who create authentic stories that attract die-hard followers to your brand.



Weird Authentic People is a Global Brand Building Agency founded by Costantino Roselli based in Athens, Sofia, and Milan.


What makes us special is the way we see brands and the combination of the art of branding with growth hacking marketing.


We believe that even if to run a business it?s really hard it remains a dry, boring process. On the contrary building a brand is an act of leadership which demands a weird attitude, authentic stories and human emotions. To get there you need to dig deeper than numbers and statistics. You need to trust your guts, deliver part of your soul and become an artist.


For us a brand is a promise of what your business do. So, at the moment everyone designs your logo, we project your promise on it. And at the moment all others write about your business we create stories to make your audience part of it. And when all others spend your budget to advertise we create communities of loyal fans of your brand who they love to speak about your business.


And when all others already gave up, we use our tools to monitoring and adjust your strategy working with you step by step to reach the goal we set.

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Having the mindset of a Growth Hacker whatever we do focuses on growth. As your brand grows you can expand.


We believe that better brands make the world better and this is our promise to you. To make this world better by building better brands.


We are a weird team of strategic thinkers, brand educators, design experts and growth hackers with the aim to lead our clients to a full brand process, to understand their challenges and deliver solutions that put their brand into the success orbit.


Our services include brand audit, brand strategy, Internal branding, brand design, market research, growth hacking marketing as well as corporate and academic speaking engagements.


Hoping you align to our purpose and have the same mission with us, we welcome you on this journey to deliver to people the brands they deserve.