A Ninja Team Ready to Build Your Brand and Make it Grow.


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At the core of Weird Authentic People there is sharing knowledge and helping organizations build their brand and grow. We love to be there for you and your team on your first steps, on a new launch, on your re-launch, on your rebranding or on your cultural shift effort.


We would love to help you step out of the crowd, get noticed and grow.


You have just started your journey in business. You have a product or a service or both. And you have so many things to take care of and you need guidance. You need to deal with two things:


      1. 1. Find customers and build your reputation step by step and,
      2. 2. Administrate your business.


Our expertise is on the first one. We can help you on your first steps by giving you doses of what you should do and what you should not do to save your budget and start slow investing to the right direction in order to get more customers each day. Isn?t it great?


Oh, and by the way, because we have started liking you, we can share our experience on the administrative part, too.


Why we do this? For two reasons. The first is because someone helped us when we started too and second because one day your product or your service will make the world better and people need you, and so do we!


Shall we start doing it?


Building brands is our expertise. It is what we do daily, what we read about daily, what we love to discuss about, to question and to identify in every corner. This is how we see the world and what runs in our veins. This is us, not you.


You want to sell your product and\or your service to the people that need it. You produce it, create it or are reselling it. It?s your dream idea you and you want it to come true. And here is where we get involved.


We know how to help you deliver your message to the right people and create the reputation you want among competitors, building a remarkable brand with loyal fans.


We are here to help you change the world with your product. Because this is what we love to do.


Shall we start?


This is all about Brand Consulting and also Implementing. Which means that we manage to define your brand identity, who you are n terms of branding. We will conduct a market research and do our magic tricks to analyze your positioning among competition. We will set up your north star based on your goals and vision. We will build a whole brand strategy as a compass to put you on track. But that is not enough.


We will implement our strategic plan. Which means that we will create our growth plan based on our goals with the aim to deliver the exact results you want. We will set up the tools, run all the tests, step by step, and we will adjust all the time our brand?s compass reaching our goals and succeed in our cause.

We will be both your branding and growth hacking team at the same time.


Are you ready for success?


When you start building your brand you actually create an identity that defines you to your audience. Most brands fail because they focus only on the impact outside of the brand. But what is important in the outside impact is to create an internal culturalal shift which will embrace the new identity you built. People in your organization should be included in this change. Otherwise they feel outsiders, they are scared of the new, they fear for their job and they behave strangely, not belonging to the new culture. And this is bound to have a negative effect to your audience.


Training your team, making them part of your change, creating a cultural shift in your organization will not only create a solid force aiming to the accomplishment your vision, but it would be like a cultural buzz for your audience making them want to participate in this new era of your brand.


In short, internal branding will make your brand a trustworthy force, a full-speed magnificent jet that attracts die-hard followers.


Would you love to lead this cultural shift?