Melinda Hazel

Melinda Hazel

Destroy The Perfect To Enable The Original!

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The Challenge

When you work with a brand that already has a footprint in the world, even a small one, it is easy to find a starting point. To get rid of some walls and wipe out the dust to build new things on the fundamentals you already have. The challenge is to create a new brand from scratch.


Because you have a person who has something to say. An unborn child who exists in the belly of her mother and who we know nothing about. In our case we had the baby in the brain of the creator.


We worked like Sherlock Holmes, digging and questioning everything. We put some light on corners regarded as unimportant by others but we believed that there laid the missing piece of the puzzle who would help us build the whole picture.

Melinda Hazel
Melinda Hazel

Melinda Hazel birth date

The brand couldn’t tell the story of a jeweller. It would be boring and nobody wants to hear another boring story most brands out there tell us. We should be narrating the story of a woman who at some point reached the limit of her patience trying to be the perfect person for her husband and kids, for society and for her friends around. The story of a woman who couldn’t take it anymore and decided to resist and start speaking her truth.


This brand should tell the story of a woman who raises her voice and stands up for other women, too. It should be a revolution, a breakthrough. And behind every revolution lays the story of a rebel, one who embraces the idea of changing the society and its people. The leader of a rebellion, a movement. And that leader should have a name and a story behind.


And that was the birth of Melinda Hazel.

Melinda Hazel’s Story

Melinda Hazel is a 48 years old woman who lived most part of her life trying to fit in, to create a perfect life in the eyes of the status quo.


She married young, and in her eyes her husband came from fairytales. Although he didn’t.


She would have loved to create a family like the ones she saw in the movies, or that schools and institutions had taught her she should have. And even though she tried hard for this she realised that the more she struggled to create the perfect life the more she wasn’t living life.


She thought that life should be clean, sterilised, a perfect tie-knot, polished shoes, perfectly ironed clothes.

The books in a row on the shelves, no spider in the corners, don’t run because you could be hurt, don’t soil your clothes.


But mostly don’t yell because it’s rude, don’t laugh aloud because it goes against good manners, don’t change your hair, clothes, your comme-il-faut look, don’t laugh at silly jokes, don’t speak, don’t dance if you don’t know exactly how to do it.


A life with do’s and don’t’s based on a script someone had written and named “The Perfect Life”


It was the time when she felt time had stopped for her. It was the moment she felt empty, a hole in her heart when everyone around her continued what they were doing. Only now she felt that she didn’t belong there anymore.


Everything around her was grey and she craved a colourful life. She wanted to feel, see the colors, taste something different, hear the music, do things without a reason, leave the plates unwashed for a night, cut her hair or dye them in colors, walk her own style, laugh, cry, yell, get angry, swear, get drunk, make love and be loved passionately feeling every spot of her body revive in one single moment.


And she did it. She made a breakthrough and when she looked around her she could now see warm colors and hear music that made her heart sing and pump blood into her veins. She fell in love and got loved back. And she set herself free to live.


Now she is dedicated to share this story and a message though her creations with every woman who is what she used to be. Every woman who lives a sterilized life and is ready to change, to set herself free from the chains of her own mindset and wants to live a life full of feelings and love.

Melinda Hazel

Brand Summary

Melinda Hazel is a breakthrough jewellery brand with the aim to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces for people who want and are ready to get rid of their sterilized life and start living life based on ‘what they feel’ and not on ‘what they should feel’.


Each piece of jewellery is a piece of statement, a symbol that speaks up the heroic act of ‘no more’, ‘I wanna feel’, ‘I want to break free’.


The brand creates one-of-a-kind jewellery in order to address each woman separately, to talk to each woman as a different personality and build with each woman a unique relationship while creating a tribe of women who fundamentally have the same needs and want to express them with different actions.


If the brand repeated itself then it would not support the main message which is to break through and live the life as you feel.


Every piece of jewellery is a unique feeling. It carries an emotional story which proudly shouts out loud the concept of I am special, I don’t need anymore my sterilised perfect life to be someone, I am a human being, vulnerable, torn, weird, with a fierce will to live life to the maximum.

Melinda Hazel


We enjoyed creating a brand that represents such values instead of creating average products for average people. Working on this made us better not only as professionals but as humans too.


Melinda believes that each woman has a unique voice and that she deserves a unique piece which represents this singularity.


We also believe in this and we wish Melinda to succeed in her purpose!