Let people know what kind of super hero you are.


Because you want to control the conversation about you especially when you are not in the room. This means that everyday you release certain data to the people you want to attract, that will tell them a story you would love them to know you for. And when they talk about you they speak your personal brand, the brand you?ve built with discipline, consistency and most of all knowing exactly your goals.


By Building your Personal Brand we are talking about the process to identify those unique characteristics that differentiate you in your field and how to build a plan to get noticed in the right way to the right audience.


This means that when you enter the process you will realize that the most difficult part is to determine in details the audience you want to attract and be laser-like precise on what you want them to hear from you. In short, the clearer the answer to ?what you want to succeed by building your personal brand? the simpler it will be to setup the platform to attract the right audience.


The tools to build your brand are here, most of them free, but this is not the hard part. What is hard is to see yourself from a distance and become objective. Who you are, what you want, who you want to be seen from in order to interact with them and make the next step. What is your goal every single time so as to build a flexible strategy and guide your audience to the exact point you wish.

Once you know the above you can use the right tool in the right way at the right moment.


To achieve this we have built a 3-way process to create your personal brand:


1. Identification: Define who you are, what your goal is and who your audience is.


The brand is you. Find who you are and there you have the brand. The why you build the brand is the goal. The reason you do it in the first place. Once we know who you are and what your goal is, then we will identify the right audience to communicate in the right way what exactly you want them to know.


Being rich, conquering the world and becoming the next Steve Jobs aren?t goals. We need to dig deeper in order to specify in details what all these mean to you.


Our approach is to focus on the work you do, the skills you have and the knowledge you need to acquire in order to deliver what you have promised and to gain trust.


Money and conquering the world should be a side effect of who you really are and what you really do. And just for your info, you can?t be the next Steve Jobs, first of all because there is only one Steve Jobs and secondly because people doesn?t need another Steve Jobs but they sure need one you (your name).


Get a promotion, run a business, attract investors and\or partners, be an influencer and attract followers, get a specific job in a specific industry\company: these are goals that defines exactly how we have to build your brand and to who we will communicate it.


The definition of yourself, the essence of your brand and the values you represent is what counts when we build your entity and attract the eyes of your audience on you.

This is both a crucial and a challenging part and you need the help of the experts, us.


2. Build the foundation AKA brand You.


Knowing you, your goal and your audience we build your existence, your profile, your digital and physical avatar. Your story needs to be told not in the way you like it but in the way that resonates to the mind of your audience.


Logos, websites, social media, content, images and any other material will allow us apply your story and show your avatar personality to your audience.


What is crucial is for each one of these to be connected.


The role of social media is to bring people to your website and the role of your website is to inform, educate and call to action. And one of those actions is to create curiosity so people want to come back to you.


3. Communicating your brand, means getting into action and believing in you.


Now is the time to apply, monitor and adjust. We have reached the point of pitching. But mostly it is the time of bravery, imagination, authenticity, clarity and the moment of truth.


Because personal branding has a very important differentiation from building an organization as a brand. It?s personal. You represent yourself and you can?t be a fake. If you want to build a fake brand just for fame and glory or money without having the deal, without believing on what we build, you won?t make it.


You need to support 100% what we have built. This will bring you to a success point and make the tools we use work towards your goal.


With this whole process in your hands, there is only one element that will allow us to create a successful personal brand. You.


Because only you can deliver what we will promise to your audience. Our promise is that we bring the audience to you. Yours is to make it worth it!


Are you ready to get started?