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We tell brand stories

people die to hear



Identity Raise

What you sell is not your product, nor the reason they need to buy your product. What you sell is an irresistible choice. This is creates your identity.

Brand Storytelling

Your brand story has nothing to do with the content itself. It’s about the way you serve it, the frame you put it, the reason why people feel good and strong hearing your stories.

Brand Strategy

Growth is your goal! The strategy should be liquid to accept the changes and adjustments you need to reach your goal.

“Collaborating with Weird Authentic People makes me feel excited, confused, making progress every time. I feel like I fuel my brain with ideas, new things, energy, doubts, strategies, different approaches, inspirations. I feel secure and grateful for this synergy that shows me the way to conquer the world of fashion.”

Lena Papageorgiou
Fashion Designer, founder of Avenew


We love to dig deep in your personality, your team, and your organization to identify every virtue, unique elements and specific characteristics of your business, and then use them to build the foundation for your journey to become a brand.


We put all our knowledge to build your customer avatar, and use it as a magnet to attract the people who are searching for you.


And finally we write your story in a way that resonates with their mind, we build a communication plan to attract your audience and create a monitoring strategy to adjust your compass in order to obtain your mission!


We find your north-star and we navigate your ship to follow it.


Are you ready to put on the captain's hat?